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+1000 Engines/FFAs Submittal Form

By Fax: please print out and fill in following form, deposit HK$800 to our bank account (Read Details), then fax the form (togeBy Email: please provide following information (Remember to fax us the pay-in-slip after payment):-

                (Unless stated, Use ENGLISH because most Engines/FFAs accept English data only)

URL (Site Address):
URL Title (Max. 50 characters):
中文 URL 標題 (最多 50 字元):
Keywords (Separate keywords/phase by comma):
中文關鍵字 (以逗號分開不同關鍵字):
Description of Your Site:**
中文網站描述 :
Language of the Site:
Company Name:
Contact Person:
Your Email Address:
Telephone (with country/area code):
Fax (with country/area code):

Please note that some information above may be adjusted in accordance to the requirements of various Search Engines.






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