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Email Accounts Configuration

Following configuration and setting will be useful for Email Accounts Setting up when using our hosting services.

Web Control Panel("WCP")

(a)     At the address bar of the browser, type ""
(b) When the homepage accessed, type, you will be
prompted for WCP username and password
(c) Type in the username and password given to you previously.
(d) You can access Web Control Panel
(e) Click "Email Options"
(f) Click "Email Admin", then click "Email Manager"
(g) In the login screen, the username should be "postmaster"
(h) Type in the password given to you previously
(i) Select "New Pop account"
(j) Type the new email account and fill in password/other details if applicable.
(e.g. the name of new pop account will be "peter" if the email address is
(k) Click "Add", then click "Email Menu" to return to the Main Email Menu
(l) Select "Email Logout" after completion of the above task.
(m) Repeat (i) to (l) for additional email accounts.

Settings in Mail Client Software (e.g. Outlook Express):

POP3 Server
SMTP Server or (ISP is
the your dialup provider, e.g.
POP3 User ID   POP account you created in the WCP
POP3 User Password

  Password input in the WCP while creating POP account

(a)     Activate the Outlook Express
(b) In the menu bar, select "Tools", then select "Accounts"
(c) Type in Name of Email User (e.g. Peter Chan). then press "Next"
(d) Select existing email, type in the new email address
(e.g., then press "Next"
(e) Type in POP3 Server details (incoming mail)
(f) Type in SMTP Server details (outgoing mail)
(g) Press "Next" when completed
(h) Type in email username (e.g.
(i) Type in password when you create the email account. Press "Finish"
(j) Then send an email to other email accounts and use other email accounts to
send email to this new email account for testing the right setting on account

P.S. If you are using LAN for dialup to the internet

(a)     Select "Tools" - "Accounts", Select "Mail" Tab, Click "Properties"
(b) Select "Connection" Tab
(c) Select "LAN" in the connection method (If you are not using LAN, this option should indicate the dialup phone number when you setup the Dialer e.g. Smartonebroadband access number)


Following diagrams may help you in setting up the email accounts:-











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