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If you want to succeed in the online market, you must recognise and improve that customers have on your site.  Effective web site design may retain your customers to surf around in your site, with the added technology, to shop with the products and services with payment security.  In reference to some articles, the major mistakes in web design include:

  • Too much page frames - confusing
  • Gratuitous use of advanced technology - users focus more on the contents inside the site
  • Too much marquees & running animations - try give user peace and quiet
  • Complex urls - try making urls simple and memoriable
  • No loop to main page - users is looping inside without ways back main page for topic selection
  • Long scrolling pages - try give users navigation options on the top part of the page
  • Non-standard link colors - try using consistent colors from page to page
  • Outdated information - update pages frequently
  • Long download times - don't let users wait too long for loading too complex flash graphics or they may go elsewhere

You do not have to be a technical expert. Resources here are definitely give you assistance and improvement in the design of your web site, and you may read the "Create Your Web Presence".   Getting your site a solid presence on the Internet.  Act now!!  Or you may review our price and let us help you to design your web.

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